With the advancement of science and the need of cooperating with international companies, Maya Construction Company ( established by Pedram Parnian and Azadeh Ahmadi ) has long term goals of approaching projects in an innovative, fresh, and up to date angles rather than traditional, repetitive, and old fashion methods.

Pedram Parnian is graduated from  Sharif  University of Technology in the field of Civil Engineering. His father has been one of the well-known developers who has conducted  many projects nation-wide. Since the childhood, Pedram underwent the technical educations of his father and he started his official career beside famous architects like Omid Gholampour and by the ever-increasing experiences which he gained beside his instructors, he turned into one of the famous faces within the construction development community.

Azadeh Ahmadi is a graduate from the University of British Columbia (UBC), majoring in Civil Engineering. She has worked in different international companies such as Hatch co., and HMM which both have many branches through out the world. One of her projects was her involvement in designing and analyzing few bridges and overpasses, in the rehabilitation of highway #1 in Vancouver, Canada.