Client Service

Maya Construction Co. renders his services in three separate  sections which include all the construction branches, that is to say residential, commercial, administrative and industrial.

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Execution
  • Project Control Management
  • Maintenance and Guarantee


Consultation :

Company’s consultation approaches from permit stage to finishing the project in all construction affairs, are including:

  1. Permit Type and How to Obtain it
  2. The Measures of Construction and Density
  3. Fire-Fighting Topic
  4. Cultural Heritage
  5. Introducing the Proper Architects & Designers for the Project
  6. Providing Construction Concepts
  7. Executive Affairs
  8. Choosing the Implementation System and Proper Technology for the Project
  9. Proper Timing & Budgeting for the Project
  10. Choosing the Materials investigating the Details until the project is Finished.


Design :

In the event that the esteemed client asks Maya Construction Co. to design their project, the rendered services by the company shall be as listed below:

  1. Designing in different phases: Plans and drawings of municipality, complementary and main plans and drawings, design details.
  2. Complete supervision on all the executive stages of the projects.
  3. Analyzing and designing the latest methods and styles and implementation of the same  in the projects.
  4. 3D design panel and ads. and descriptive banners for the project.


Execution :

  1. Obtaining various permits from the concerned authorities
  2. Study of the system and the location of the land and mapping.
  3. Technical execution of all the stages including destruction and excavation until the full delivery of the project.
  4. Using new systems in the executive stage, considering the expediency and economic aspect of the employer
  5. Using well-known and experienced contractors in different executive sections.
  6. Coordination of execution regarding  the desired speed and budget envisaged by the employer.
  7. Perfectly professional execution in a manner that the minimum waste of materials is resulted.

With consideration to the necessity of preserving the quality of the project and considering the expediency of the employer, this company by its affective management has the ability to prevent wasting the materials as much as possible in extend that it can decrease the whole costs by 20 to 25 percent in favor of the employer.


Project Control Management :

Project management, practical knowledge, skills, tools and techniques related to the activities of the projects are in context of providing the necessities of the project. Maya Construction Co. together with its experienced personnel in project management control, designs the timing and budgeting at agreement of the employer, conducts all the executive stages in a manner that the project will be completed on due time with the estimated costs. In this part, not only the timing is under control of the group but also it has full supervision as well as planning on the resources (for prevention of wasting the materials or human resources), budget and work quality of the project. In this stage all the programs are presented to the employer in the written form along with graphic diagram.

Such services are presented by Maya Construction Co. to the employer due to the dependence of execution on the project control.


Maintenance and Guarantee :

This type of service is exclusively rendered by Maya Construction Company.

  • Project guarantee is for repairs and Maintenance of executed project and its duration Is Settled with the employer